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The Law Office Nordica Oy

The Law Office Nordica Oy offers legal services to private individuals as well as to companies and other organisations. We carry out commissions in a confidential, economical manner based on the highest ethical standards. We primarily handle family and inheritance law, contract law, labour law, criminal law and general jurisprudence.
Our office represents clients in court proceedings. We also serve as executors in distribution of assets and partition of estates following divorce or death. In addition, we serve as administrators of bankrupts` estates. We draw up documents such as wills, deeds of estate distribution, bills of sale and other types of contracts. We also offer legal advice. Our office also handles international legal matters, with English, Swedish and Finnish as working languages.

Examples of family law commissions:
- child custody and visitation rights
- child support
- carrying out visitation rights
- division of property

We also handle work-related contracts and disputes.

Furthermore, we assist clients in various types of damage suits.

We also assist particularly small and medium-sized companies with the following types of comprehensive cases, for instance:
- purchase contracts
- corporate acquisitions
- partnership contracts

We also handle cost-free legal proceedings and matters covered by legal expenses insurance. An initial consultation in our offices is free of charge, if the matter does not lead to further action.

Law Office of
Nordica oy
Mannerheimintie 66 A 3 b
FIN-00260 Helsinki

Tel: +358-(0)10 281 6250
Fax: +358-(0)9-454 6133

Mobile telephone:
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